WATCH Flatwater forum: Nebraska’s prisons at a crossroads

Watch the replay of “Nebraska’s Prisons at a Crossroads,” an in-depth panel discussion on the present and future of our prison system.

Video begins at 10:23.

Moderator Natalia Alamdari quizzes an ex-prisoner about the challenges of being inside. She interviews two corrections leaders about the problems with, and potential solutions to, overcrowding and lack of programming inside Nebraska prisons. She speaks to an advocate about how to best move prisoners back into society.

Panelists are Mark Foxall, Jasmine Harris, Doug Koebernick and Carla Walker.

By Matt Wynn

Matt Wynn is the Executive Director of the Nebraska Journalism Trust, which launched and funds the Flatwater Free Press. He has spent 13 years at news organizations across the country, most recently on the investigative team at USA Today. He lives in his hometown of Omaha with his wife, Sarah, and three children.

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This was a very informative feature. I especially appreciated Dr Foxhall and the last question from the audience participant! The entire panel was excellent as was the moderator.



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