June 27: Metro transit authority buying more buses, hiring new employees

Metro’s June board meeting focused on improving public transportation and addressing operational challenges. The board approved the purchase of 26 new fixed-route buses through a competitive agreement with the state of Washington, with unanimous support (Resolution 2024-18). The new buses are expected to arrive by December. CEO Lauren Cencic emphasized that this initiative is critical to resolving the current bus shortage and enhancing overall fleet efficiency.

HR consultant Dewan Grant provided a recruitment update, announcing eight new team members in May and 10 more set to start in June. These hires include bus operators and maintenance staff, bolstering Metro’s workforce. The board also voted unanimously to appoint new members to the Salaried Pension Retirement Committee and the Hourly Pension Retirement Committee, further strengthening Metro’s governance. Grant highlighted Metro’s collaboration with the Communications and Civil Rights Inclusion departments, facilitating transportation for events like Cinco de Mayo and Juneteenth, which helped to increase public engagement and service delivery.

Interim DEO Kevin Pendland reported on initiatives to enhance the rider experience, including a new safety training program for bus operators and a partnership with a third-party contractor to redesign operational procedures for a more “customer-centric” approach.. The next board meeting is scheduled for July 25.

Meeting documented by Elle Nina Love

To read the full meeting notes, click here.

By Omaha Documenters

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I wonder the need for more busses? Every time I go by a bus it is nearly empty, even during rush hours.



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